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A student who wishes to transfer from one course of study to another course of study within APIC must meet the following criteria:

• The student must satisfy the entry requirements for the course for which they are applying as per the Admissions Policy and Procedure.
• The student must submit a Change of Course / Start Date form and are required to include the reason(s) for wishing to transfer.
Transfers will be approved subject to applicants meeting these criteria. These applications will be considered on a case by case basis by the Program Coordinator (or delegated nominee).

Onshore applications for Change of Course will be considered by the Director of Studies (or delegated nominee) in consultation with appropriate academic staff as necessary. Director of Studies (or delegated nominee) may interview the student as part of the review process.

• Approval of applications will be dependent on places being available in the course for which a student is applying; and
• The student meets the criteria for change of course preference.

Course credit for units of study already completed in the original course may be granted on a case by case basis in accordance with the relevant criteria and procedures.
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