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Key requirements for all sectors
Providers must have documented policies and procedures for monitoring the progress of each student to ensure that he or she completes the course within the expected duration as specified on his or her confirmation of enrolment (CoE).

Study plan is to be provided by the Academic Department Providers must only grant an extension to the duration of a student's study in limited circumstances as listed in Standard 9.2.

Variations to a student's enrolment load must be recorded on his or her file. Where the variation leads to an extension of the expected duration of study, the provider must report the student via Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) and issue a new CoE.

A provider may enrol a student in no more than 25 per cent of the student's total course by distance and/or online learning.Students are monitored closely to ensure they complete their course within the course duration that is on their CoE. Study period each student must be studying at least one unit that is not by distance or online.OSHC is also a must requirement and will need to be also extended, this is a separate process – Contact your OSHC provided to be given costing and confirmation of additional OSHC
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