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All actions under this policy are to be based on the values that Asia Pacific International College is committed to providing students with a fair, equitable, and transparent learning environment that ensures student access to appeal processes that provide for natural justice, procedural fairness, transparency and accountability, and fair academic decision making.

Students therefore are assured the right to request a review of or appeal a decision, in accordance with this policy and the relevant related polices to which this policy refers. (refer
Academic Integrity Policy, Academic Progress Policy, Assessment Policy, Recognition of Prior Learning Policy, and Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy)

All student appeal applications will be considered promptly, with courtesy, with complete regard to confidentiality, and without fear (implied or explicit) of prejudicial treatment or disadvantage by an impartial Committee or other decision maker who was not party to the original decision under appeal.

Students will be responsible for stating the grounds for their appeal and for providing copies of all relevant evidence in support of their appeal. Students are expected to act responsibly and not lodge appeals for vexatious reasons. (refer Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy) Students Must appeal firstly with the college prior to appealing externally and await an outcome Should you wish to lodge an External Appeal against this decision, you can do so with the Overseas Students Ombudsman (OSO) within 20 working days from the date of this letter.
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