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Students should attempt, in the first instance, to resolve a concern by using a direct and informal approach to the individual concerned wherever possible. A grievance is a student concern that is expressed in writing on an action or a decision taken by the College with respect to a matter that has affected that student. The College does not consider general feedback and comments from students about administration, academic programs and services as a grievance. Grievances can be academic or non-academic. Student concerns with respect to the application of a specific academic policy will be dealt with as ‘appeals’ in accordance with Sections 6. through 11. of this policy (as appropriate). Any other academic concerns and all non-academic concerns will be dealt with as ‘grievances’.

APIC will promote and maintain an environment where students feel empowered to raise grievances with the College under this policy, and have such grievances addressed by the College in a respectful, responsible and timely manner. APIC aims to ensure that students and staff involved in a grievance resolution process under this policy are not subjected to any form of victimisation or discrimination as a direct result of the grievance being raised.

A student with a grievance as defined should raise their concern(s), together with any evidence, directly and confidentially with the staff member who has made the decision, or taken the action on behalf of the College. The staff member will review the matter confidentially and respond directly in writing to the student concerned no later than ten working days after the receipt of the grievance.

If the student is satisfied that their grievance has been resolved they must confirm their agreement directly in writing with the staff member within ten working days of receipt of the resolution from the staff member. If the student is not satisfied that their grievance has been resolved, they may appeal the grievance in writing to the Dean, who (in the case of non-academic grievances) may refer the matter to the Registrar for resolution.
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