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If a student wishes to obtain approval for an enrolment below or above the 24 credits, he or she should submit online application The Director of Studies (or delegated nominee) is responsible for approving enrolment below 24 credits per semester/unless where RPL or Credits have been applied The Director of Studies (or delegated nominee) will:

 - Assess the request; and if applicable provide the study plan for the remaining of the course Indicate whether he/she supports or does not support the request. Students are only permitted to reduce their enrolment below 24 credits per semester in the following circumstances:
 - a reduced/overload/ is recommended as part of the intervention strategy;the student feels overloaded particularly in their first semester of their study when they are also required to complete CPD1102 Professional Development and Ethics the student has compassionate or compelling circumstances such as an illness;
 - the student has failed a unit or otherwise fallen out of sequence with the normal pattern of study for the course and it is not possible for them to enrol in the normal semester load because the units they need to enrol in are either not available or have prerequisites;
 - a deferment or suspension of study has been approved due to compassionate or compelling circumstances (for example illness);
 - or the student is in their final semester of study and requires less than 18 credits to complete the course.
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