About this application:
No more than 50% of the units of study can be applied for under any of Award courses;
It is not possible to be candidate for more than one academic award; thus it will not be possible to apply for credit more than once regardless of the articulation path;
Units of study without recognised formal methods of assessment cannot be considered; In the case of equivalent units of study the weight (expressed in credit points) attached to the unit as part of a recognised award must be equal to the same weight attached to the equivalent units in the College's programs (otherwise the total study hours must be comparable);
The College will only assess the entire unit of study not components of the same;
There must be at least 75% or more match between the contents of these units and relevant target units (see the Sample Summary Table);
The conferring institution/university must be recognised in their own jurisdiction;
The study must have been completed in recent past (no more than 5 years ago);
The candidate must have sufficient English language proficiency if the units were studied in a language other than English;
If there is a shortcoming in the units studied the applicant must provide additional evidence in the form of professional certification or other forms of preparation and recognition;
If the applicant is basing his/her case on professional certification and or registration wholly he/she needs to submit detailed evidence similar to that which was submitted to gain professional certification/registration in the first instance, including providing details of any assessment that had to be undergone as part of the certification/ registration process;
Undergraduate units of study are not acceptable; A candidate not holding a recognised bachelor degree, who wishes to base his or her past experience to qualify for entry into the Graduate Certificate course cannot use the same as the basis for credit application for any unit of study in the College;
The College at its own absolute discretion may call upon the candidate to attend an assessment before an examiner and or may ask the candidate to sit for other forms of examination;
Applications submitted after census date will not be accepted.
Applications that are given a credit where a mark has been entered, no change will be given unless approved by the DEAN Students are responsible to ensure that a full load of study is met during their study semester
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